30 March 2015 Last updated at 08:46

Iran nuclear talks near key deadlineForeign ministers from the P5+1, including US Secretary of State John Kerry, at nuclear talks in Lausanne, Switzerland (30 March 2015)

Last hours of intensive diplomacy over Iran's nuclear programme take place in Switzerland ahead of Tuesday's deadline for a long-awaited deal.

Ehud Olmert in a Tel Aviv courtIsrael ex-PM guilty of corruption

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is found guilty of fraud and breach of trust in a retrial after being cleared in 2012.

Explosions at military depot in Aden, Yemen, 28 MarchArab League to create military force

Arab League countries meeting in Egypt agree to create a joint Arab military force amid a crisis in Yemen and regional jihadist threats.

Special Reports

Islamic State fighters in Raqqa (30/06/14)Islamic State crisis

Background, features and analysis on turmoil over extremist group in Syria and Iraq

Features & Analysis

  • Huthaifah's shoesSole ache

    The refugee who carried these shoes until he met his mother

  • Houthi members hold their guns in the air while shouting anti-Saudi slogans during a rally protesting Saudi-led airstrikes against Houthi positions in Sana’a, Yemen, 26 March 2015High stakes

    Why failure in Yemen is not an option for Saudi Arabia

  • Houthi rebels at a rally in Sanaa (26 March 2015)Boiling point

    Fallout from Syria superheats regional tensions over Yemen

  • Teenager playing pianoGaza sonata

    Bringing Gaza's only grand piano back to life

  • DubaiEver upwards

    Is Dubai’s construction boom sustainable?

  • Protests in AdenWaiting for war

    Ordinary Yemenis on life in Aden, target of Houthi rebels

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