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People take photographs

News can happen anywhere at anytime. If you capture a news event on a camera or mobile phone, either as a photograph or video, then please send it to BBC News.

But we are not just interested in news pictures we'd also love to see your visual interpretation of both local and global issues as well as just great pictures of your daily lives.

In addition to that each Each week we set a theme and a selection of your photographs are published each Thursday, why not see if your pictures make the grade.

If you take a picture of any event you should not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

What we need

You can submit video, single photographs or a series that tell a story. Remember that we also need some text to accompany the pictures.

Any photographs or video directly related to a current news event may be used immediately on any BBC News outlet.

Send us your pictures

Woman using camera

When taking photos or filming please do not endanger yourself or others, take unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.


UK MMS: 61124

Rest of the World MMS: +44 (0)7725 100 100

How to submit a picture

So if you think you have a news photograph or video we may be interested in, send it to the BBC News website.

Click here to upload your video and images

If you want to e-mail it to us, send it to

If you want to send a picture message from your mobile phone then ideally use the email function and send it to the above address.

If you need to send it via MMS and you are within the UK you can send it to our short code number 61124.

If you are outside the UK then send it to +44 (0)7725 100 100 and include your contact number as text within the message.

Why not add the above e-mail address and MMS numbers to your mobile phone and address books now - you never know when you may capture that historic moment.

Or if you have a smartphone or tablet you can download the BBC News app.

Don't forget to include your name and some background information as to what the image is about and why you took the picture as this will increase your chances of selection.

You should also include your telephone number so we can get back to you.

Terms and conditions

If you submit an image, you do so in accordance with the BBC's Terms and Conditions.

In contributing to BBC News you agree to grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to publish and otherwise use the material in any way that we want, and in any media worldwide. This may include the transmission of the material by our overseas partners; these are all reputable foreign news broadcasters who are prohibited from altering the material in any way or making it available to other UK broadcasters or to the print media. (See the Terms and Conditions for the full terms of our rights).

It's important to note, however, that you still own the copyright to everything you contribute to BBC News and that if your image and/or video is accepted, we will endeavour to publish your name alongside it on the BBC News website. Please note that due to operational reasons this accreditation will probably not be possible with video. The BBC cannot guarantee that all pictures and/or video will be used and we reserve the right to edit your comments.

At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

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