Spaniel saved from sticky end after eating tube of glue

Marley the cocker spaniel Eight-month-old Marley showed no signs of illness until the glue expanded in his stomach

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A cocker spaniel has been saved from a sticky end after eating a tube of expanding glue.

Eight-month-old Marley from Hitcham chewed through the tube of glue his owner was using for home improvements.

At first he showed no signs of illness, but within a week needed emergency surgery to remove a solid lump of adhesive from his stomach.

His owner Beverley King said her pet made a full recovery and was now "bouncing around" again.

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Mrs King said her husband had been working upstairs when Marley came down with his paws covered in glue.

He was taken to the vet to have the glue removed and seemed fine, she said.

However he later became ill and had to be referred to a specialist veterinary centre near Newmarket, where the full extent of Marley's mishap was revealed.

He underwent a one-hour operation to have the ball of glue removed by a surgical specialist.

Mrs King, who slept by his side every night "just to be on the safe side", said her pet was due to have a final check up later.

Marley the cocker spaniel at the vets' Eight-month-old Marley is still wearing a cone to stop him licking the wound

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