Do you live in a flood risk area?

Flood risk map The map shows the level of flood risk in Tewkesbury and the surrounding area

The recent weather may have already provided ample evidence about whether you live in an area at risk from flooding.

But if you are not facing rising flood waters right now, how do you know whether your house is at risk from flooding in the future?

In addition to its live flood risk maps, the Environment Agency provides an online postcode search for England and Wales, enabling people to find out if the area where they live is at risk from flooding.

The Environment Agency also supplies this information on a commercial basis to insurers who use it, combined with information from other sources, to help calculate how much to charge for flood cover.

Flooding falls into different categories: from sea and rivers, reservoirs, groundwater and surface flooding.

The Environment Agency's postcode search map covers most but not all of these categories. Insurers are likely to consider information from other sources about other forms of flooding.

When purchasing a house in an area that looks like it is at risk from flooding, many experts would advise having an extensive flood search done to give a fuller picture.

This would generally be organised by the buyer's solicitor.

Those who already own a house or business may want to double-check the details of their insurance policy to remind them of the extent of cover.

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