Newspaper review: Boston explosions dominate front pages


The front pages are taken over by reports and pictures from the Boston explosions.

The Daily Telegraph has the headline "Bomb carnage at marathon".

For the Daily Express it is "Massacre at the marathon", the Daily Mail has "Murdered at the marathon" and the Sun has "Marathon slaughter".

The Independent's headline is "Terror at the finishing line".

The paper says the bombs sent waves of shock across America, which has not suffered any successful terror attacks since 11 September 2001.

There is widespread coverage of the military rehearsal in the early hours of Monday morning for Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

The Times describes it as a hushed pre-dawn rehearsal to ensure there is not a boot or hoof out of place in Wednesday's ceremony.

It says Lady Thatcher was renowned for her ability to look immaculate in the small hours after minimal sleep - and units flanking the route did her proud with their gleaming boots and pristine uniforms.

Tough choices

Debate continues over the cap on benefits, which came into force in four London boroughs on Monday.

The Daily Telegraph accepts that claimants will inevitably face some disruption if they have to move to stay within the limit.

But, it adds, the same tough choices are often faced by people in work who do not claim any benefits beyond tax credits.

Why should benefit claimants alone be protected from economic realities, the Daily Mail asks?

The Guardian, responding to arguments that people on benefits should not receive more than people in work, says there are state top-ups to low wages that already ensure take-home income is virtually always higher.

An army of teenage girls has been put on a war footing, the Times says, after the Business Secretary Vince Cable launched an attack on the earnings of pop group One Direction.

According to the Guardian, Mr Cable was dragged into discussing their wealth after he appeared to agree with a speaker who said, during a debate in London on City pay, it was "mad" that the boy band made £5m each last year.

The Sun says the minister later backtracked, saying he had been referring to executive pay - One Direction were very popular and he had nothing against them.

Slug invasion

And finally, gardeners are at last revelling in the first signs of spring, the Daily Mail says - but their joy could be short-lived.

According to the Daily Express, the Royal Horticultural Society has warned that the heavy rain of last year created perfect breeding conditions for slugs.

Although the cold winter slowed their mass slither towards prized plants, they are now emerging in huge numbers.

The Daily Telegraph says slugs are expected to arrive in force as the warmer and wetter conditions take hold.

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