Quiz of the year pt 3: 2014's biggest 'fails'

Shoe about to step on a banana skin

"Into every life, a little rain must fall," goes the saying, but for some people in 2014 it was more like a downpour.

Take our quiz and see how well you remember the misfires, flops, mistakes, banana skins and bloopers of the year.

In addition to the questions above, we're also posing an extra puzzler - one photograph for each four parts of the quiz, all adding up to a single answer. Below is the first three of our pictures.

Durdle door; (Andy Warhol picture of) John Wayne; The Franz moon crater

Can you see the link between the pictures? Send us your answers. There is no prize.

The final part of our quiz of the year - about the winners of 2014 - will be published tomorrow. Here is part two of the quiz and part one of the quiz.

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