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GCSE Maths Quiz

It's time for GCSE results. But how would you do if you sat the maths exam. Try our quiz. Questions are from BBC Bitesize and based on the knowledge required by GCSE syllabuses as actual questions are longer and require full explanations. Workings out are in a PDF below. You may turn over your papers now.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

What is a 10-side polygon called?

Different shapes
  1. Dodecagon
  2. Octagon
  3. Decagon
  4. Hexagon

2.) Multiple Choice Question

A ship sets off on a bearing of 072 degrees from port and travels 3.4km in a straight line. How far north of the ship's starting position is its final position? Give your answer to two decimal places.

A graphic
  1. 1.05km
  2. 1.75km
  3. 2.15km

3.) Multiple Choice Question

A plasma screen TV is being sold by two companies. Plasma-4-U is charging 1,599 including VAT. Commercial Displays Limited is charging 1,526 + VAT. What is the difference in price to the customer including VAT, if it is charged at 17.5%.

A man watching TV
  1. 194.05
  2. 202.05
  3. 224.05

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What is the correct answer if you calculate this sum and give the answer as a mixed number?

A graphic
  1. 34/15 = 2 4/15
  2. 26/15 = 2 4/15
  3. 12/15 = 2 4/15

5.) Multiple Choice Question

A 10-sided die with sides numbered one to 10 is thrown. What is the probability of throwing a number less than 4?

  1. 2/10 or 0.2
  2. 3/10 or 0.3
  3. 4/10 or 0.4

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these is not equal to 1/4?

A cake cut into four pieces
  1. 25%
  2. 3/12
  3. 0.25%
  4. 0.25

7.) Multiple Choice Question

What is the correct answer if you rearrange the following, making "c" the subject?

A graphic
  1. c=6a-b
  2. c=4a-b
  3. c=2a-b


  1. It's a decagon. A hexagon has six sides, an octagon eight and a dodecagon 12.
  2. It's 1.05km. See PDF for the workings out.
  3. It's 194.05. See PDF for the workings out.
  4. It's 34/15 = 2 4/15. See PDF for the workings out.
  5. It's 3/10 or 0.3.
  6. It's 0.25%.
  7. It's c=2a-b. See PDF for the workings out.

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7 - 7 : A*

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The workings out have been done by maths teacher Michael Malone and are available in this PDF.

PDF download Maths answers [1,290KB]

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