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As the UK basks in summer temperatures, Britons are cracking open tubs of ice cream from their freezers in an effort to cool down. How much do you know about the frozen dessert?

Ice creams

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which US president first proclaimed July to be National Ice Cream Month?

  1. Woodrow Wilson
  2. Franklin D Roosevelt
  3. Ronald Reagan
  4. Barack Obama

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Regulations on ice cream vans have been relaxed. Which of these rules for chiming has been changed?

Ice cream van
  1. Nothing after 19:00
  2. In four-second bursts
  3. Not during school day near a school

3.) Multiple Choice Question

In March, a Bath cafe owner was ordered to change the name of his product from "ice cream" to "gelato". Why?

Ice cream
  1. It didn't contain enough fat
  2. It contained too much ice
  3. Its ingredients came from Italy

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Chef Heston Blumenthal famously specialises in an unusual flavour of ice cream. Which one?

Heston Blumenthal
  1. Baked beans
  2. Pork sausages
  3. Bacon and eggs

5.) Multiple Choice Question

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the first ice cream recipe in English was written by Mrs Mary Eales in 1718. Which of the following was part of the recipe?

  1. Bay salt
  2. Ground pepper
  3. Dried fennel

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these nationalities consumes the most ice cream each year?

Baby eating ice cream
  1. Australians
  2. Britons
  3. Norwegians
  4. Swiss

7.) Missing Word Question

Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't *

  1. free
  2. healthy
  3. illegal


  1. It's Ronald Reagan, who first designated the month in 1984. The third Sunday of July is National Ice Cream Day in the US.
  2. It's the four-second rule. Now chimes can be up to 12 seconds. Chiming after 19:00 or near a school during the school day remain forbidden.
  3. Council officials told Tim Coffey, owner of The Real Italian Ice Cream Company, that UK food labelling regulations required ice cream to contain at least 5% fat - in Mr Coffey's shop, the figure was just 4.8%.
  4. It's bacon and eggs. The chef, renowned for his experimental cooking, served the dish on the tasting menu at his Fat Duck restaurant.
  5. It's bay salt. The recipe appeared in a book called Mrs Mary Eales's Receipts. The first recorded use of the term "ice cream" in English was in a list of dishes served at the royal table in Windsor in May 167I.
  6. It's Norwegians. According to Mintel they spend 33 (US$50) per head a year on ice cream, compared with 30 ($46) for Australians, 25 ($38) a year for the Swiss and 17 ($26) a year for Britons.
  7. The French writer supposedly said the confection should be illegal, in a quote widely displayed in ice cream parlours worldwide.

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