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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which event from his past did Boris Johnson describe this week as "a truly shameful vignette"?

Boris Johnson
  1. Membership of the Bullingdon Club
  2. Getting sacked as a shadow minister
  3. His bruising interview with Eddie Mair

2.) Multiple Choice Question

David Miliband - nickname Brains - is leaving politics to work for International Rescue, a charity with a name familiar to Thunderbirds' fans. Which came first, the charity or the puppets?

David Milliband and Thunderbirds cast
  1. The charity
  2. The puppets

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What did Nick D'Aloisio, the 17-year-old who made a rumoured 20m from selling his smartphone app to internet giant Yahoo, NOT say he was going to buy with the money?

  1. Trainers
  2. A shoulder bag
  3. New jeans

4.) Multiple Choice Question

In a new survey of the best places to live in the UK, Harrogate comes out top, while areas in London account for nine out of 10 of the worst locations. But where's the 10th?

Home sweet home sign
  1. Darlington
  2. Dudley
  3. Dundee

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Vanessa Whitburn is standing down as editor of The Archers after 22 years. Which royal made a guest appearance while she was in charge of the long-running radio drama?

Vanessa Whitburn
  1. Princess Anne
  2. Princess Margaret
  3. The Duchess of Cornwall

6.) Missing Word Question

Triangular * banned at school

  1. pizza
  2. flapjack
  3. set square

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The 2013 Glastonbury line-up has been announced. Which is the only act on the bill to have appeared at the Woodstock festival in 1969?

Mick Jagger
  1. The Family Stone
  2. Steve Winwood
  3. The Rolling Stones


  1. It's his membership of Oxford University's notorious dining club, the Bullingdon. In a BBC documentary about him, he also added, "But you know... it was great fun at the time."
  2. It's the refugee charity, established in 1933 as the International Relief Association and renamed the International Rescue Committee during WWII. Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds puppets, who worked for International Rescue, first appeared on screen in 1965.
  3. It's new jeans. The new millionaire admits he has "boring" plans for his money and, after buying new trainers and a shoulder bag, plans to invest most of it.
  4. It's Dudley in the West Midlands - the survey by a property website ranks towns on criteria such as space, pride, safety and neighbourliness.
  5. It's the Duchess of Cornwall, who appeared to mark the show's 60th anniversary. Princess Margaret had a cameo back in 1984, before Whitburn's tenure.
  6. It's flapjack. It follows an incident at a Canvey Island school where a boy was reportedly hit in the face with a triangular flapjack. The decision was described by the Health and Safety Executive as "half-baked".
  7. It's the Family Stone, although at Glastonbury they'll be without their lead singer, Sly Stewart. The Rolling Stones were never invited to play Woodstock, allegedly because they were too expensive.

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