7 questions on street names

7 questions on street names

A local authority is reviewing its decision to ban apostrophes in new street signs. Test yourself on the sometimes thorny issue of road names.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

More than 50 streets in the Moray town of Keith need new names, officials say. Why?

Keith in Moray
  1. They are currently nameless
  2. The names are too suggestive
  3. The streets share just five different names, causing confusion

2.) Multiple Choice Question

There is less uncertainty over some of London's best-known streets. But which was named after a diplomat described by Winston Churchill as a "profiteering contractor"?

Winston Churchill
  1. Baker Street
  2. Downing Street
  3. Bond Street
  4. Carnaby Street

3.) Multiple Choice Question

A street in Dundee is to be named after which character - or characters - from The Beano?

  1. Minnie the Minx
    Minnie the Minx
  2. The Bash Street Kids
    Bash Street Kids
  3. Dennis the Menace
    Dennis the Menace

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which ONE of the following roads has not had its title changed?

Blank road sign
  1. Bladder Lane, Plymouth
  2. Bent Street, Blackburn
  3. Squeeze Guts Alley, Truro
  4. Asylum Lane, Gloucester

5.) Multiple Choice Question

In cities worldwide, street names have a male bias, an Italian study suggests. In Rome, 45.7% are named after men. What proportion are female?

Central Rome
  1. 3.5%
  2. 13.5%
  3. 35%

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Church Lane is the UK's third most-common street name. Of the remaining names in the top four, put these in order of popularity:

Church Lane sign
  1. Station Road, High St, Church St
  2. Church St, High St, Station Rd
  3. High St, Station Rd, Church St

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The UK has many eccentric-sounding place names, but where would you find the street known as Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate?

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate (picture by Kaly99)
  1. Aberdeen
  2. Ipswich
  3. York
  4. St David's


  1. The streets do not have any names at present and have gone without for more than a century. The emergency services say it is a problem for them.
  2. It's Downing Street. In 1682 former diplomat George Downing saw a chance to make his fortune. Churchill said the resulting properties were "shaky and lightly built by the profiteering contractor whose name they bear".
  3. It's badly behaved Beano school pupils The Bash Street Kids. The comic's publisher DC Thomson is based in Dundee.
  4. It's Squeeze Guts Alley. Bent Street was renamed Greenhurst Place, Bladder Lane was changed to Boniface Lane and Asylum Lane was switched to Royal Lane.
  5. It's 3.5%. A survey of Rome's 16,550 streets, led by geography teacher Maria Pia Ercolini, found that 7,575 were named after men and just 580 after women.
  6. It's High Street (with 2,431 such roads), followed by Station Road (1,929) in second place and Church Street (1,404) in fourth, according to property website Zoopla. There are 1,547 Church Lanes, putting it in third.
  7. It's York. Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate is one of the shortest streets in the city.

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