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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

France's military made history in what way this week?

French soldiers
  1. French paratroopers returned to Dien Bien Phu
  2. French forces invaded Britain
  3. The French Foreign Legion allowed women to join

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Pope Francis is the first non-European to lead the Catholic Church for more than 1,000 years. Where was the last non-European pontiff from?

  1. Syria
  2. Egypt
  3. Armenia

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Which language did it emerge that Prince Charles had spent six months trying to learn?

Prince Charles
  1. Esperanto
  2. Sanskrit
  3. Arabic

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of these drinks is no longer part of the basket of goods used to calculate the rate of inflation in the UK?

basket of goods
  1. Hot chocolate
  2. Champagne
  3. White rum

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Daniel Day-Lewis chose which Quadrophenia actor above Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson in his list of all-time greats?

  1. Phil Daniels
    Phil Daniels
  2. Phil Davis
    Phil Davis
  3. Ray Winstone
    Ray Winstone
  4. Leslie Ash
    Leslie Ash

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Former Abba star Agnetha Faltskog has announced that her comeback LP will feature a duet with whom?

Agnetha Faltskog
  1. Gary Barlow
  2. Lana Del Ray
  3. Taylor Swift

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Which star helped Russian President Vladimir Putin promote a new healthy lifestyle strategy?

  1. Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman
  2. Steven Seagal
    Steven Seagal
  3. Sylvester Stallone
    Sylvester Stallone


  1. It was a mock invasion of Britain. French troops landed on a beach in Gosport as part of a training exercise - the first armed landing since the Battle of Fishguard in 1797.
  2. It's Syria. Gregory III ruled from 731 to 741 - one of his first decisions as Pope was to ban the consumption of horsemeat.
  3. It's Arabic. According to the Daily Telegraph, Charles also speaks good French, some German and has had lessons in Welsh.
  4. It's champagne, which has disappeared along with pub sandwiches, Freeview boxes and basin taps.
  5. It's Davis. Day-Lewis said that Davis's performance in televised play Gotcha had made a "deep impression" upon him.
  6. It's Gary Barlow, who was only 11 when Abba split up in 1982.
  7. It's Seagal. The action star appeared alongside the president, who is himself a black belt in judo.


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