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This week Justin Bieber provoked anger among his fans by arriving on stage rather late. Tardiness rarely goes down well but certain historical figures have used it to their advantage. Test yourself on episodes of extreme lateness.

In concert

1.) Multiple Choice Question

The plug was pulled on a late-running Bruce Springsteen concert in Hyde Park last July. Who was he dueting with?

Bruce Springsteen
  1. PJ Harvey
  2. Sir Paul McCartney
  3. Kasabian

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Tsar Alexander II survived a bomb attempt in 1880 because he was late for what?

picture of Tsar Alexander II
  1. Church
  2. The theatre
  3. Dinner

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Passengers on the 15:13 from Hereford to London were delayed by an hour recently. Why?

Delayed sign
  1. Signalman trapped in a toilet
  2. Driver had gone home for lunch
  3. Wrong kind of snow

4.) Multiple Choice Question

According to Debrett's, for whom is it acceptable to enter the church a few minutes late at a wedding?

Wedding bloom
  1. Mothers of the bride and groom
  2. The guests
  3. The bride

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Who ensured she was 15 minutes late for her own funeral?

  1. Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly
  2. Elizabeth Taylor
    Liz Taylor
  3. Marlene Dietrich
    Marlene Dietrich

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Who wrote: "If the funeral was mine I'd have to be on time. If the wedding was mine it would be my funeral."

Funeral flower
  1. Charles Bukowski
  2. Hunter S Thompson
  3. Groucho Marx

7.) Multiple Choice Question

For what was Rihanna fined 200,000 in late fees last year?

  1. Late take-off fees at airports
  2. Turning up late to turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield
  3. Finishing a concert after the venue cut-off time


  1. It was Sir Paul. They sang two songs together but had their microphones turned off before they could thank the crowd as it was past the strict 22:30 noise curfew.
  2. It's dinner. The tsar's guest Prince Alexander of Battenberg arrived late, delaying dinner, so the dining room was empty when the bomb went off.
  3. It's the toilet incident. The signalman was left embarrassed when the lock on the brick outhouse jammed, trapping him inside.
  4. It's the bride. According to Debrett's she should arrive outside the church five minutes early, but walk up the aisle "a few fashionable minutes late".
  5. It's Taylor. She left instructions for her casket to appear 15 minutes after the service was scheduled to begin. A spokesman explained: "She even wanted to be late for her own funeral."
  6. It's Bukowski. He put the line in his semi-autobiographical 1982 novel Ham on Rye. Three years later he got married.
  7. It's take-offs. Riri racked up 200,000 after falling behind schedule on her 777 tour. She was late for turning on the lights at Westfield but still received 500,000.

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