7 questions on weird beach discoveries


A giant fish rarely seen in the North Sea has washed up on a Norfolk beach. The sunfish was found at Overstrand. Test yourself on other strange things washed up on beaches.

The beached sunfish

1.) Multiple Choice Question

As an April Fool's joke what did the RSPB report in 2010 had been washed up on the Isle of Mull?

  1. A polar bear
    A polar bear
  2. Diamonds
    Diamond ring
  3. A dodo
    Drawing of a dodo

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Eight-year-old Charlie Naysmith discovered a rare piece of sperm whale ambergris on a Dorset beach in August this year. What can it be used for?

Whale vomit
  1. As an aphrodisiac
  2. To make perfume
  3. To make fire-extinguishing foam

3.) Missing Word Question

Giant * washed up on beach

  1. Lego man
  2. Barbie doll
  3. teddy bear

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Last year an estimated 40,000 dead velvet crabs were washed up along the Kent coast. What are they more commonly known as?

A velvet crab
  1. Devil crabs
  2. Ugly crabs
  3. Laughing crabs

5.) Multiple Choice Question

A giant, grapefruit-sized blue eyeball washed up on a US beach in October this year. What marine creature do experts think it is from?

  1. Swordfish
    Boy looking at a swordfish
  2. Sperm whale
    A sperm whale
  3. Giant squid
    A giant squid

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Scavengers descended on a Devon beach in 2007 when a ship was beached off the coast in stormy weather, spilling its contents. What beach was it?

A motor bike
  1. Babbacombe Bay
  2. Boscombe
  3. Branscombe

7.) Multiple Choice Question

A dead Cuvier's beaked whale was washed up on a beach in the Isle of Mull in 2008. It died after eating 23 what?

  1. Lilos
    Two people holding a lilo
  2. Tyres
    Car tyres
  3. Carrier bags
    Carrier bags


  1. It's a polar bear, which it said was still alive.
  2. The 600g (1lb 5oz) lump of vomit - known as ambergris - is still used to make perfume, although a synthetic version is now widely used instead as the sperm whale is a vulnerable species. The lump was estimated to be worth 40,000. A protein called keratin, extracted from cow hooves, is used to make a special fire extinguishing foam.
  3. It was Lego man. Standing 8ft (2.44m) tall, it was found on a Florida beach in October 2011. It is still not known where it came from. Legoland in Florida said it was a counterfeit and nothing to do with them.
  4. It's devil crabs - Britain's largest swimming crabs. It is thought colder than average sea temperatures caused the deaths.
  5. A large swordfish. The eyeball washed up on Pompano Beach in Florida.
  6. It's Branscombe. The cargo included motorcycles, barrels of wine, steering wheels, shoes and hair products. Scavengers travelled hundreds of miles to take the goods washed ashore. Babbacombe Bay is also in Devon and Boscombe is in Dorset.
  7. It's carrier bags. Marine experts say whales often mistake plastic bags for squid.

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