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It's the middle of the prize season - last week saw the naming of the Nobels, this week sees the Booker and Mercury awards handed out. Test your knowledge of prizes here.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Tracey Emin's installation My Bed was shortlisted for the 1999 Turner Prize. What did Yuan Chai and Jian Jun Xi do to it?

Tracey Emin's bed
  1. Had a pillow fight
  2. Tidied it up
  3. Threw paint on it

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which famous conductor walked out in disgust from the 1992 Brit Awards at the antics of best British group winner The KLF?

  1. Simon Rattle
  2. Sir Georg Solti
  3. Herbert von Karajan

3.) Multiple Choice Question

For which experiments did Andre Geim become the only Nobel laureate to win an Ig Nobel prize?

Andre Geim
  1. Levitating frogs
  2. Dunking biscuits
  3. Hula-hooping

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Reclusive Russian maths genius Grigory Perelman turned down a $1m (620,000) prize after solving which famous problem?

  1. Riemann hypothesis
  2. Poincare conjecture
  3. Navier-Stokes equations

5.) Multiple Choice Question

"Everybody has won, and all must have prizes" - a famous line from Alice In Wonderland, but about what sort of competition?

  1. Queen of Hearts' croquet match
  2. Solving riddles at Mad Hatter's Tea Party
  3. The caucus race

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The satirist Tom Lehrer said his trade had become obsolete when who was awarded the Nobel peace prize?

  1. The EU
    EU flag
  2. Henry Kissinger
    Henry Kissinger
  3. Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

7.) Multiple Choice Question

This trophy is awarded for which arts prize?

  1. Booker
  2. Pulitzer
  3. Orange


  1. The pair had a pillow fight. The two performance artists said they were creating their own installation, called Two Naked Men Jump Into Tracey's Bed (although they kept their trousers on).
  2. It was Sir Georg Solti. KLF played a death metal version of their hit 3am Eternal, shot machine gun blanks into the audience and dumped a dead sheep in front of bemused guests.
  3. Levitating frogs. The Ig Nobel prize is given to achievements "that make people laugh, then make them think". Another winner proved that the Eiffel Tower looks smaller if you lean to the left.
  4. It was the Poincare conjecture, a knotty problem involving circles and spheres, which had dogged mathematicians for a century.
  5. It was the caucus race. The Dodo also says: "They began running when they liked, and left off when they liked, so that it was not easy to know when the race was over."
  6. It was Henry Kissinger, who received the prize in 1973 while serving as President Nixon's secretary of state. Meanwhile, Barack Obama said he was "surprised and deeply humbled" to win the 2009 award. He'd been inaugurated two weeks before the nomination deadline.
  7. It's the Orange (now the Women's) prize for fiction. The trophy was sculpted by Grizel Niven, sister of the film star David Niven.

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