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"I'll be back" - uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger's killer robot in The Terminator - has been voted the most memorable one-liner in film history. Test your knowledge of cinema's quotable lines.

Terminator waxwork

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Why was the line "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" nearly cut from Gone With The Wind?

Gone With The Wind
  1. Clark Gable kept getting the giggles
  2. "Damn" was a banned word in Hollywood
  3. MGM wanted a happy ending for the film

2.) Multiple Choice Question

"Not a lot of people know that." A quote wrongly attributed to Michael Caine - but into which film did he slip the line as an in-joke?

Michael Caine
  1. Jaws 4: The Revenge
  2. Batman Begins
  3. Educating Rita

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Staying with Michael Caine, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" is his famous line from The Italian Job. The doors off what?

Mini Cooper
  1. A bank
  2. The Fiat factory
  3. A van during a test explosion
  4. A Mini Cooper

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Estelle Reiner uttered one of the most famous lines in Hollywood history - but which one?

Estelle Reiner
  1. "I'll have what she's having"
  2. "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!"
  3. "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death"

5.) Multiple Choice Question

"Come up and see me sometime" is the line most recall as Mae West's most famous. But which one of these other lines WASN'T hers?

Mae West
  1. "I used to be Snow White but I drifted"
  2. "What do I wear in bed? Chanel No 5 of course"
  3. "Between two evils, I pick the one I haven't tried before"

6.) Missing Word Question

"...I could hardly keep my eyes on the * "

  1. road
  2. manual
  3. meter

7.) Multiple Choice Question

"We want the finest wines available to humanity" is one of many famous lines from Withnail & I. Where was the tea room in which it was uttered supposed to be?

Withnail & I
  1. Penrith
  2. Keswick
  3. Kendal


  1. "Damn" and "hell" were on the list of banned words compiled by Hollywood's moral watchdog, the Hays Office. Popular legend has it that producer David Selznick paid a $5,000 fine as a result, but in fact no objection was raised.
  2. It's in Educating Rita. Peter Sellers first came up with the phrase in a sketch spoofing Caine's spy film The Ipcress File - he claimed the actor was always quoting Guinness world records and saying: "Not a lot of people know that."
  3. It's the van. He says it during a test detonation as the gang prepares to steal a gold shipment en route to Turin's Fiat factory. The film's enduring appeal earned its famous Mini Coopers a drive-on part in the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony.
  4. It's "I'll have what she's having" from When Harry Met Sally. Estelle Reiner delivers her punchline after Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in a diner. Being the director's mother, she probably didn't have to audition.
  5. The Chanel line comes from the lips of another screen siren, Marilyn Monroe. As for "Come up and see me...", West actually said: "Why don't you come up some time and see me?"
  6. It's "meter". Allen says this to Diane Keaton in a taxi in their 1979 film Manhattan - one of eight movies the pair made together.
  7. It was Penrith in Cumbria. But the interiors were filmed in Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes.

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