7 questions on famous outfits

7 questions on famous outfits

One of the world's most famous suits has been tracked down by the Victoria and Albert Museum after an international search. John Travolta's white suit was made famous in the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. Test yourself on other famous outfits.

John Travolta

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell grabbed headlines at the 1997 Brit Awards when she took to the stage in her Union Jack dress. But what was it fashioned out of?

Scary Spice, Ginger Spice and Posh Spice
  1. Tea towel
  2. Pillow case
  3. Table cloth

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Margaret Thatcher is famous for her signature look - a blue suit, pearls and handbag. But what did she stop wearing to appeal to a wider audience?

Margaret Thatcher
  1. A hat
  2. Diamond earrings
  3. White gloves


Image advisers helped Margaret Thatcher develop her trademark style. It was Sir Gordon Reece who is said to have persuaded her to stop wearing hats. He also reportedly advised her to ditch her pearl necklaces, but she refused.

Margaret Thacther campaigning in the 1951 General Election

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The ruby slippers worn by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz are now among the most valuable film memorabilia in the world. But what colour were the shoes in the original novel?

Dorothy's ruby slippers
  1. Green
  2. Pink
  3. Silver

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Regularly voted one of the world's most stylish men, one of David Beckham's most famous outfits included a sarong. Who designed it?

David Beckham
  1. Alexander McQueen
  2. Jean Paul Gaultier
  3. Gianni Versace

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Playboy bunnies have one of the world's most recognisable work uniforms. How did Hugh Heffner change the original design to give the outfit "class"?

Playboy bunnies
  1. Add the bow tie, cuffs and collar
  2. Change the uniform colour to black
  3. Remove name badges

6.) Multiple Choice Question

"It's just a dress." Who said this about their famous outfit?

  1. Liz Hurley on her black safety pin dress by Versace
    Liz Hurley
  2. Bjork on the swan dress she wore to the 2001 Oscars
    Singer Bjork
  3. Marilyn Monroe on her white, halter-neck dress in The Seven Year Itch
    Marilyn Monroe


The dress was designed by Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski. At the Oscar ceremony Bjork mimicked laying eggs on the red carpet. Commenting on the choice of dress, US comedienne Joan Rivers reportedly said: "This girl should be put into an asylum."

Bjork in her swan dress

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The Beatles' suits on the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album are among their most famous outfits. What colour suit did Ringo Starr wear?

The Beatles
  1. Pink
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange


The military-style outfits were made of satin dyed in garish colours. There is some debate over who designed them. Different sources have credited both designer Manuel Cuevas and theatrical costume house M Berman Ltd. John Lennon reportedly donated his suit to the Salvation Army.

People dressed up in Sgt Pepper outfits ay 2012 Olympic opening ceremong


  1. Her sister Karen reportedly fashioned it for her from a tea towel. The dress became an overnight sensation and has been voted one of the "most iconic dresses" in several polls.
  2. It was hats, according to Dr Daniel Conway, a lecturer in politics at Loughborough University who has written a paper on the political significance of Mrs Thatcher's clothing. Hats were viewed as too middle class.
  3. They are silver in L Frank Baum's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The movie's creators reportedly changed them to ruby to take advantage of new Technicolor film.
  4. It's French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.
  5. He added the cuffs, collar and bow tie, according to an interview in the Wall Street Journal.
  6. It's Bjork on her swan dress.
  7. It's pink.

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