In pictures: I'm not voting because...

With the general election looming, it will soon be time for voters to head to the polling station to cast their vote, yet there are of course those who abstain and do not want to be part of the process.

It was this group Denise Felkin decided to photograph while studying for an MA in photojournalism at the University of Westminster.

Felkin's portraits are shown alongside a quote from the subject, offering a small insight as to why they have made their choice. Here are a few of her images.

Roger "I don't trust any of them." Roger, 71, Worthing
Laura "It would feel like acceptance of their system." Laura, 33, London
Sammy "It does not matter how much you scream and shout, they won't listen to us." Sammy, 30, Brighton
Toby "I'm not on any electoral roll." Toby, 47, Worthing
Ellen "I'm far too demoralised." Ellen, 37, Brighton

You can see more of Denise Felkin's work on her website.

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