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Anthony Zurcher

Anthony Zurcher North America reporter

Welcome to Zurcher’s take – where I'll be giving an American view of US politics and culture

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About Anthony

Anthony Zurcher is the North American reporter for BBC News, covering US politics and cultural happenings across the continent.

He joined the BBC in 2013 as a senior writer and editor of the Echo Chambers blog, where he wrote about global opinion and commentary.

Prior to that he worked for Los Angeles-based Creators Syndicate, editing newspaper features, including the work of political columnists such as Robert D Novak and Molly Ivins.

Over the course of his career he has covered the US Supreme Court, Congress, the technology sector and Texas state politics. His work has been published in more than 100 news outlets.

Anthony was born in California, grew up in Texas and attended college in Washington DC. He married a New Yorker and has friends and family scattered across the country. He can count the US states he hasn't visited on one hand.