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Banks may be forced to boost reservesThe Bank of England in Threadneedle Street

British banks may have to hold more funds to guard against the risk of a future economic downturn

Moscow forex signRussia raises interest rates to 9.5%

Russia's central bank raises interest rates to 9.5% from 8%, a much bigger rise than expected, as it seeks to combat inflation.

trenches Government to 'retire' some WW1 debt

The UK Government has said that it will 'retire' £218m of the UK's £2bn First World War debt by refinancing bonds originally issued by Winston Churchill.

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Robert Peston Article written by Robert Peston Robert Peston Economics editor

End of QE is whimper not bang

As the Fed Reserve ends quantitative easing, those who prophesied that these trillions of dollars of debt purchases would spark uncontrollable inflation have been proved wrong. But QE could still prove toxic.

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Kamal Ahmed Article written by Kamal Ahmed Kamal Ahmed Business editor

High Street branches are still important for Lloyds

In a digital age, face-to-face interaction could be a market-beater for Lloyds Banking Group.

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Linda Yueh Article written by Linda Yueh Linda Yueh Chief business correspondent

Is it a golden age for Chinese cinema?

Box office receipts in China have grown at more than 30% a year for the past decade, but does that mean it's another golden age for Chinese cinema?

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