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Miliband warning over EU referendumEd Miliband leaves his home on the first day of the election campaign

Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils his party's business manifesto, warning that David Cameron's pledge to hold an EU referendum is "a clear and present danger" to jobs.

A pedestrian passes the Bank of England in London,Bank stress tests cover global slump

The UK's banking industry will have to prove it can endure a global economic slump in this year's Bank of England stress tests.

Older couplePension data 'sales' investigated

The information watchdog launches an investigation into claims details of millions of people's pensions are being sold to fraudsters and cold-calling firms.

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Robert Peston Article written by Robert Peston Robert Peston Economics editor

Treasury wants reinvention of public sector

The scale of cuts being imposed on governments departments will necessitate a reinvention of some services we take for granted

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Kamal Ahmed Article written by Kamal Ahmed Kamal Ahmed Business editor

HSBC's Gulliver steps back from London HQ decision

Banking sources agree Budget has "softened" HSBC's attitude to staying in the UK - and it will be for the board to decide, not the CEO

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Linda Yueh Article written by Linda Yueh Linda Yueh Former chief business correspondent

The future of business news

Viewers want global business news that is available to watch at a time that suits them.

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Airbus concept planeTomorrow's Transport

Features and videos on the future of mobility

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