Ghana's 'fat-shamed' bride inspires thousands

Mzznaki Tetteh and fiance Kojo

If you're an avid follower of social media you will recognise Mzznaki Tetteh. She is a nurse from Ghana whose engagement photographs went viral on several social media platforms last week after hundreds of people left mean-spirited comments aimed at her figure.

Some left comments like, "HE must have a BIG heart" and "RIP that man's spine", (we won't share the more nasty ones). Tetteh was defiant in her response. She addressed the trolls directly by saying that their "rubbish comments ain't ruining my happiness".

Tetteh's defiant post on Instagram

And let them know that she has far more important things to celebrate.

He holds her up against a wall

However, following the wide sharing of the images, those sentiments have been swallowed by much more supportive comments. She was hailed as an inspiration.

Supportive comment to fat-shaming

Tetteh is now a social media star with over 30,000 Instagram followers and her own media manager. It's not possible to send her a friend request on Facebook - she's that popular. And she's been trending again on Facebook. It's following her first television appearance with Joy News' Israel Laryea.

While the majority of social media users hailed her as an inspiration, some said that the attention she was gaining was inappropriate.

Mzznaki Tetteh

Tetteh, who is preparing for her wedding on 25 June, told BBC Trending that she is trying to lose weight but stressed that it was for her own health reasons and not to appease her trolls.

"Some years ago in Ghana a woman who was plump was considered beautiful," Tetteh says, "In fact many songs have been sung in praise of such women. It was not a big deal to see chubby children and they were not treated differently. But times have changed with the internet and influence of foreign films.

"Slim or slender ladies are seen as more beautiful and gradually plus-size women and even men are body shamed. These current development puts a lot of stress on plump ladies like myself. It eats away your self confidence and your sense of worth to the point where your size becomes a disability."

She says she now looks past the negativity, with the support of her "loving" family and "can't wait" for her wedding.

Blog by Megha Mohan

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