'My most hated man joining my favourite club'

Jose Mourinho

A manager from Portugal has taken charge of a club in the north-west of England. You may have heard about it.

Manchester United are already the most mentioned team in the world on Twitter. So when they finally confirmed that Jose Mourinho - arguably (and oh, how he argues) the most famous manager on the planet - was taking charge there, it was always going to create a bit of fuss.

The development was hardly unexpected. Mourinho has been linked with the Old Trafford hot seat from the moment he was sacked by Chelsea in December 2015.

And when Louis van Gaal was also elbowed out on Monday, it was immediately clear who would be taking his place - once some week-long wrangling over image rights were sorted out.

Chelsea might have had the rights to Mourinho's signature on their lingerie, but Manchester United had it where they wanted - on his three-year contract (which Mourinho himself helpfully Instagrammed):

Jose Mourinho Instagram of Man U contract

In the excitement of the moment, both board and manager are as united as the club's name. The PR team at Old Trafford put out their delight using #WelcomeJose - and that has become the hashtag of choice for the team's global fanbase.

Many in Manchester United's enormous global fanbase were absolutely thrilled.

Mourinho is renowned for his success. Every time a club has appointed him - from Porto onwards - he has won a league title with them.

That is something that Manchester United have been unable to do since Sir Alex Ferguson left, first under David Moyes and then van Gaal. So it is fair to say there was quite some excitement:

Welcome Jose tweet from Man U fan
Excited for Jose tweet

Mourinho said he "always enjoyed a rapport with the United fans," but not all of the club's fans are as enthusiastic the same way:

Not happy on Man U move tweet

Van Gaal, after all, was sacked because of his side's poor style of play - but Mourinho's teams are not themselves known for their dynamic thrust:

Blame the ball tweet

And then of course there was the reaction from west London, from fans of the club that is - for now - still the one most identified with Mourinho, where he won three league titles in two spells, and where the reaction to his sacking was to angrily blame the players for letting down their special one.

So just how do Chelsea fans feel?

Chelsea fan reacts
Chelsea fan tweet

Blog by Ben Sutherland, Sports Editor, BBC World Service Languages

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