No, Cameron is not on Tinder

Cameron is not on Tinder Any opponents hoping to swipe left and say 'nope' will be left disappointed

The internet is awash with rumours that David Cameron has joined dating app Tinder. But if you were hoping to match with the prime minister - or were primed to swipe left - we're sorry to tell you that he hasn't.

On Tuesday morning, the Times reported on a possible collaboration between the prime minister and Tinder. This comes after a meeting between Cameron and senior representatives from companies such as Facebook, Twitter, The LadBible, Google and Buzzfeed was held last Friday. The purpose of the meeting was to explore new social media strategies to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum.

Many other news organisations also ran the story, with some headlines, such as the Metro's David Cameron's on Tinder and he wants to be matched with EU leading many on social media to believe that David Cameron now has an actual Tinder profile.

Russia Today tweet
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Trending spoke to a 10 Downing Street spokesperson who confirmed that "Cameron was holding meetings with various social media outlets to explore ways of encouraging more people to vote". But when we asked whether Cameron had joined Tinder, or had plans to do so, they confirmed the rumour "isn't true".

Tinder are reported to be in collaboration with youth campaign group, Bite The Ballot, who were also at the meeting.

Trending contacted Bite The Ballot's Partnership Co-ordinator Kenny Imafidon who also dismissed rumours of a David Cameron Tinder profile. He said "We're not creating anything to do with David Cameron on Tinder" and described the rumour as "not true". Adding "We are in talks with Tinder… but can't talk about specifics at this stage".

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