Womancard - the card that gives you less

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses supporters in Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton said she was proud to play the "woman card" if that meant standing up for the interests of women

How do you use your #womancard?

That's what some women have been asking each other on social media after Republican front-runner Donald Trump expressed the view that Hillary Clinton's only real electoral appeal as a presidential candidate was the "woman card."

"Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get five percent of the vote. The only thing she's got going is the women's card," Trump said after he won five state primaries on Tuesday. Some observers thought they spotted Mary Pat Christie, the wife of New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie, rolling her eyes at the comment in the background.

The target of the jibe, Hillary Clinton, responded she was happy to play the womancard if that meant standing up for women's rights.

Hillary tweets "So if fighting for women is playing the #WomanCard, well…. Deal me in"

Since then, there have been more than 90,000 tweets, mostly jokes, using the hashtag #womancard. Many were jokes about unequal pay, reproductive rights and "mansplaining."

"Every time I try to play my #womancard, a man has to explain how it works", one tweeter wrote.

Here's another: "Tried to use my #womancard at an ATM to pull out a $20—got $15.60 instead."

Tweet of Womancard
Kaya Oakes tweets: Every time I try to play my #womancard, a man has to explain how it works
Julie Leung tweets: Tried to use my #womancard at the ATM to pull out $20. Got $15.60 instead.
Tweet: Ladies, the #womancard gives you a 21% discount on your salary.
Tweet: Historically the #womancard is the most effective way to win the Presidency so I get the frustration.

It wasn't just women using the hashtag, some men got involved too. Though this one is a former adviser to Hillary Clinton.

Tweet: Hey @RealDonaldTrump, here's a womancard deck, enjoy: Image shows a deck of four cards, one saying "women's healthcare", one says "equal pay", another "paid family leave" and an image of Donald Trump as the joker.
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But there were some people, including supporters of Clinton's Democrat rival Bernie Sanders, who thought there was some truth in the argument that the former first lady was playing on her gender to make women feel they had to vote for her.

Sanders supporter tweet
Tweet: Dear #DealMeIn #womancard. If this is the only qualifier for your vote, you're the problem."

And some at the other end of the political spectrum expressed the view that Hillary Clinton should have her womancard revoked for her attitude towards Monica Lewinsky. Mrs Clinton is reported to have once referred to Lewinsky - the White House intern who had an affair with her husband Bill when he was president - as "a narcissistic loony toon" in a private conversation.

tweet Lewinsky

Blog by Emma Wilson.

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