Why Pakistan's singing angel Taher Shah has taken the internet by storm

Photo of Taher Shah

He's the Pakistani singer with a huge cult following. Some would say Taher Shah has taken the phrase not giving a damn to a whole new level.

The release of his new video on Friday caused such a social media frenzy that #TaherShah was trending on Twitter in both Pakistan, India and the UK.

Over 30,000 tweets have been posted since the song Angel was released.

Still a better singer than #TaherShah
Admit it you wish you had #TaherShah's confidence

At first glance the video appears to be a parody, or part of an elaborate sketch in which we laugh with the artist not at him, but this is no joke. Taher Shah says he is a serious artist and has previously described his internet fame as a humbling experience.

The song's simple lyrics, "I am like an angel, mankind's angel, lonely for you" have captured the attention of social media users, generating a number of memes simultaneously both mocking Taher's talent, and praising his confidence.

World:After Watching #TaherShah's bomb video

It's not the first time the businessman from Karachi in Pakistan, who is known for his long hair and unconventional costumes, has turned his hand to making music. His first release Eye to Eye propelled him into the world of online fame in 2013.

With over 45,000 Twitter followers there is no doubt that Shah has gained a sizeable cult following.

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Angel shows the tiara wearing singer dressed in a purple robe on a hilltop, singing in English about the virtues of peace. It also features his son dressed in a matching robe.

Perhaps the combination of Taher's eccentricity and the song's simple message is the reason why Bollywood film actress Twinkle Khanna is among the high profile Indian and Pakistani figures who have taken to social media to discuss the song.

When you see eye to eye with an angel and discover you have contracted conjuctivitis #TaherShah #lastonefortheday
I am going to need years of therapy to get over this video

Many comments also expressed how refreshing it was to see Pakistan in the news for something other than terrorism.

This #TaherShah stuff is like cricket-it's so very confusing to me-but glad something's trending that's not terrorism related

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