Social media push for Six O'Clock News

Six O'Clock News website

The Six O' Clock News on Radio 4 has been on air for almost as long as the BBC itself.

It was first broadcast on the National Programme on August 31st, 1931, and has been a mainstay of the schedule ever since. You can hear our coverage of some of the biggest events in those years - from Germany's invasion of Poland to Yuri Gagarin becoming the first man in space.

We like to think that the programme is (to borrow a phrase from the New York Times) all the news you need to hear - a half hour distillation of day's most important stories from the UK and around the world - and the context which explains why they matter. While more than three million Radio 4 listeners agree, we're conscious that we could do more to promote our material.

Admittedly we may be a bit late to this party, but we are determined to find new audiences for our news on social media. So, 84 years on from the first bulletin, we are launching a campaign to promote the Six O' Clock News.

As well launching a podcast of the programme we'll be circulating our audio using the hashtag #Radio4Six and we'll be putting some of our most compelling material on our website.

In the meantime you can see what some of our leading contributors think about the programme here.

Thanks for listening.