Push notifications for the BBC News app

push notification on iphone How it will appear on the iPhone...

We have updated our mobile apps (IOS and Android) so that app users can receive alerts when there are major breaking news stories.

We already provide breaking news alerts via SMS, email and Twitter, and we've been wanting to offer this service to our mobile app users for a while. It's one of the most commonly requested features for our apps so I'm very pleased that it's now available.

Push notifications arrive in a form similar to a text message, to alert you to breaking news even if you are not using the BBC News app at that moment. Our research tells us that users of our apps don't want to be inundated with alerts, so if you sign up for push notifications they will tell you only about the biggest breaking news stories - typically just one or two stories in 24 hours. If you want more than that, another option is to follow our @BBCBreaking account on Twitter where we report on a much wider range of the most significant breaking stories each day.

push notification on android ...and on Android-based phones

Once you receive a notification you can tap to find out more and your device will open your BBC News app on the relevant story, if it's available by then. At any time you can change your mind about receiving notifications, and you can change how you receive them (for example whether or not you want an audible alert) by updating your settings.

If you are unsure how to do that we have a help page for IOS and another for Android as they work in slightly different ways.

My colleague, Alex Perry, from the BBC Future Media News product team, explains more about the workings of push notifications, and the changes in our content production system which have made it easier and quicker for our journalists to send alerts to a range of platforms simultaneously, in a post on the BBC Internet blog, where you can add your comments and questions.

I hope you find this new addition to our apps useful.