10 things we didn't know last week

woman eating rice

1. There is only one concert grand piano in Gaza.

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2. Rice is less calorific if you boil it with coconut oil and refrigerate it for half a day before eating.

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3. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was a classic rock fan until 9/11, when he got into country and western.

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4. Costa Rica runs entirely on renewable energy.

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5. Boston in Lincolnshire is one of the most neurotic places in Great Britain while Orkney is one of the least.

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6. A killer newt the size of a small car roamed lakes and rivers during the period when dinosaurs were on the rise.

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7. David Cameron sometimes sings Benny Hill's Ernie (the fastest milkman in the West) in the shower; Ed Miliband doesn't.

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8. Human blood is almost twice as fattening per ml as beer.

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9. It would take 38 minutes to journey through the centre of the earth to the other side of the world - four minutes faster than thought.

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10. In rural Nigeria, some believe that if a mother eats snails it can make the baby sluggish.

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