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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

It was revealed that inspectors made a surprising find in a UK restaurant's freezer - the body of an exotic animal. Which one?

  1. Dingo
  2. Lion
  3. Whale
  4. Wolf

2.) Multiple Choice Question

An umpire was banned from refereeing a cricket match between the Church of England and the Vatican. What disqualified the official?

Cricket ball and bat
  1. Being female
  2. Sacrilegious tattoos
  3. Fears of theological bias

3.) Multiple Choice Question

U2 gave away their new album, Songs of Innocence, to all iTunes subscribers - whether they wanted it or not. Where did the title come from?

  1. William Blake poems
  2. Letter written by the late Steve Jobs
  3. A Ramones lyric

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Director Mel Brooks added a twist when he left his handprints in cement at a ceremony in Hollywood. What was it?

Mel Brooks
  1. Signed as Gene Wilder
  2. Left prints of back of hands
  3. Extra finger on one hand


The handprint included a six-fingered left hand as the Young Frankenstein director wore a prosthetic finger.

Mel Brooks hand print with extra finger

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Argentine football club San Lorenzo announced the name of its new stadium. Who will it be called after?

San Lorenzo's Pedro Bidegain stadium in Buenos Aires
  1. Jorge Luis Borges
  2. Pope Francis
  3. Morrissey

6.) Missing Word Question

Chocolate * proves useful

  1. fireguard
  2. kettle
  3. teapot

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Farmers in China's Fujian Province say they have hit upon a way of boosting rice production. What is it?

Rice paddy
  1. Playing Buddhist music in fields
  2. Reciting passages from Mao's Little Red Book
  3. Harvesting at night


  1. It's a lion. Ian Brightmore, health protection manager at Chichester District Council in West Sussex, said he made the discovery while working in another area. The restaurant's owner claimed the lion had been donated by a zoo to feed his dogs.
  2. Michael Claughton was told he was "unsuitable" because his great-great grandfather was Thomas Claughton, a former Bishop of Rochester and St Albans. Organisers said they wanted a "theologically neutral" referee such as an atheist.
  3. It's a reference to Songs of Innocence and of Experience, an illustrated collection of poetry by William Blake. One song is titled The Miracle (of Joey Ramone).
  4. There was an extra finger on one hand.
  5. It's the Pope. The pontiff has supported the Buenos Aires-based team since he was a boy.
  6. It's teapot. Chocolatiers in York managed to produce a chocolate teapot that held boiling water for two minutes to make a drinkable brew.
  7. It's playing Buddhist music in fields. Output in Liangshan village went up by 15% after residents installed 500 lotus-shaped speakers in the rice paddies to engulf the crops in a wave of soothing mantras, according to reports.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Rice whine

4 - 6 : Boiling

7 - 7 : Rice rice baby

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