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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Kenyan officials reportedly issued a warning this week about drunk and disorderly behaviour by which animals?

Empty shot glass
  1. Baboons
  2. Elephants
  3. Giraffes
  4. Wildebeest

2.) Multiple Choice Question

A woman was told by UK passport officials her signature infringes a trademark after changing her name to that of a Star Wars character. Which one?

CP30, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Yoda
  1. C-3P0
  2. Leia
  3. Skywalker
  4. Yoda

3.) Multiple Choice Question

McDonald's in Japan has begun selling Chicken McNuggets without chicken after halting purchases of poultry sales from China. With what is the meat being replaced?

McDonald's branch in Tokyo
  1. Rice
  2. Sushi
  3. Tofu

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Grover Norquist, the conservative US anti-tax lobbyist, announced he would be attending a well-known counter-cultural festival. Which one?

Grover Norquist in Washington, DC
  1. Burning Man
  2. Coachella
  3. Gathering of the Juggalos
  4. Lollapalooza

5.) Multiple Choice Question

An Australian airline apologised after an attendant advised passengers to conceal which item of contraband before landing?

  1. Guns
  2. Drugs
  3. Pornography

6.) Missing Word Question

Birds beat machines in * test

  1. speed
  2. vision
  3. hover

7.) Multiple Choice Question

A female took four years and five months to hatch her eggs - the longest brooding time ever observed in the animal kingdom. What sort of creature was the record-breaking mother?

  1. Ostrich
  2. Octopus
  3. Platypus


  1. It's baboons. The Kenya Wildlife Service said "irresponsible and careless" tourists had been offering intoxicating drinks to the primates, which had become violent and begun attacking people. NTV Television said one road was regularly "under siege by groups of marauding baboons".
  2. The 29-year-old from Southend, Essex, changed her name by deed poll to Laura Elizabeth Skywalker Matthews and amended her signature to "L Skywalker". But the Home Office said it "will not recognise a change to a name which is subject to copyright or trademark".
  3. The chain said it would begin serving Tofu Shinjo Nuggets, which are made mainly from tofu and vegetables. Ingredients include soybeans, onions, carrots and minced fish.
  4. It's Burning Man. The event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert is described by organisers as a "temporary community based on radical self-expression and self-reliance". Announcing his attendance, Norquist - a hugely influential figure in Republican politics - tweeted: "Scratch one from the Bucket List."
  5. It was drugs. A crew member on the Sydney-bound Jetstar flight reportedly warned passengers returning from a music festival that sniffer dogs and inspectors were waiting, and advised them to flush "anything you shouldn't have".
  6. It's hover. Researchers found that - in terms of the power they require to lift their weight - the best hummingbird was over 20% more efficient than a helicopter.
  7. It was an octopus. The cephalopod refused food and warded off predators for a record-breaking 53 months. The discovery, published in the journal PLOS One, was made in a canyon 1.4km beneath the Pacific, off California.

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