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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which luxury electical device for astronauts was unveiled by Italian aerospace engineers this week?

Astronaut outside the International Space Station
  1. Electric toothbrush
  2. Espresso machine
  3. Hair straighteners
  4. Juicer

2.) Multiple Choice Question

A couple in their 50s had to be rescued from a dense forest of which type of plant in Ireland?

  1. Leylandii
  2. Monkey puzzle trees
  3. Rhododendrons

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Supermarket chain Morrisons have stopped doing what in Scotland following complaints from customers?

Morrisons supermarket
  1. Selling "novelty Scotsman" costumes
  2. Playing England World Cup songs
  3. Labelling the aisles in Gaelic

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which creature did a Labour Party Twitter account appear to promise to give to everyone in the UK?

  1. Osprey
  2. Otter
  3. Owl

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Vancouver pupils can now be addressed by gender-neutral pronouns. Which alternative to "he" and "she" has been widely touted in reports of the school board ruling?

Rainbow flag
  1. Xe
  2. Ye
  3. Ze

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The Glastonbury festival was attacked by Iron Maiden lead singer this week as "bourgeois". In keeping with its radical roots, it's been announced that the event's Left Field tower will be named after whom?

  1. Tony Benn
    Tony Benn
  2. Bob Crow
    Bob Crow
  3. Pete Seeger
    Pete Seeger

7.) Missing Word Question

* -eating spiders 'widespread'

  1. Fat
  2. Fish
  3. Fowl


  1. It's an espresso machine. The device, known as the ISSpresso, is due to be delivered to the International Space Station in 2015. Caffine shots will help astronauts "feel closer to home", according to the manufacturers.
  2. It was rhododendrons. The five-hour rescue operation took place in the Knockmealdown Mountains between Counties Waterford and Tipperary. One rescuer said the plants were "like an impenetrable jungle".
  3. It's playing England World Cup songs. Shoppers protested at having to listen to anthems like Three Lions, Vindaloo and World In Motion.
  4. It's an owl. Labour Press Team posted the message: "Everybody should have his own owl." The party deleted the tweet and said it had been hacked - but not before it was deluged with puns.
  5. It's "xe", intended to accommodate students for whom "he" and "she" do not fit. Also mooted are "xem" for "him or her" and "xyr" for "his or her".
  6. It's Tony Benn. The politician, who passed away in March, was a regular Glastonbury attendee.
  7. It's fish. Scientists have discovered that a number of spider species catch and eat fish. Fish caught by the spiders were, on average, about twice as long as their arachnid predators.

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