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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

Number 7

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Police in Beijing this week aimed driving tips at women, prompting accusations of sexism. Which of the following was NOT highlighted as a female driving problem?

Beijing traffic jam
  1. No sense of direction
  2. Forgetting to release handbrake
  3. Difficulty parking
  4. Trouble changing gear

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Still on driving, a Californian motorist is being urged to fight a police ticket for driving while wearing what?

  1. No shoes
  2. Google Glass
  3. Obama Halloween costume

3.) Multiple Choice Question

A $22 (14) purchase of what four years ago has brought a Norwegian man an unexpected windfall of about $850,000?

  1. Bitcoins
  2. Twitter shares
  3. Justin Bieber handwritten lyrics

4.) Missing Word Question

Earth-sized ' * world' discovered

  1. lava
  2. gas
  3. sugar

5.) Multiple Choice Question

According to one MP, what would be "the end of the British breakfast as we know it"?

  1. Changes to jam sugar content
  2. Teabag deregulation
  3. Low-fat black puddings

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Heart rate monitors have revealed the most terrifying movie moments of all time. Which topped the research by a Japanese film website?

Scared woman
  1. The Exorcist's first exorcism
  2. The Shining's "here's Johnny"
  3. Psycho's shower scene

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Dell suffered embarrassment after its laptops were accused of what?

Dell laptop
  1. Cat urine smell
  2. Oozing brown sludge
  3. Having porn preloaded


  1. Parking was one of the few things not mentioned. There has been widespread criticism.
  2. It was Google Glass. The wearable computer apparently broke part 27602 of the state's vehicle code.
  3. It was bitcoins, the online currency. The man spent some time trying to remember his password and plans to spend the money on a flat. The publicity drive for the first public sale of Twitter shares started this week.
  4. It was lava. Kepler 78b is orbiting a star a mere 400 light years from Earth.
  5. It was jam. The government intends to reduce the minimum sugar requirement. But critics say jam will become runny and unsatisfying.
  6. It was the "here's Johnny" moment in The Shining, according to website Rakuten Play.com. Stephen King recently released a sequel to the novel on which Stanley Kubrick's classic film was based.
  7. It was the cat urine smell. Engineers said there was no contamination and that production processes were to blame for the smell. New models no longer have the whiff.

Your Score

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4 - 6 : Miaow

7 - 7 : The cat's pyjamas

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