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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

The OED has "sanctioned" the previously erroneous use of literally as a form of emphasis. When was the earliest recorded offender?

Oxford English Dictionary
  1. 1769
  2. 1869
  3. 1969

2.) Multiple Choice Question

The 23rd annual Left Handers' Day was celebrated by "southpaws" on Tuesday. In the US, there is a great tradition of left-handed presidents. Who is NOT one of them?

  1. Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan
  2. George W Bush
    George W Bush
  3. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Consumer goods company Henkel has pulled a toilet freshener from a particular market because it resembled a country's flag - which one?

Toilet freshner
  1. Ukraine
  2. Sweden
  3. St Lucia


The German company pulled the Bref Duo stick freshener from its eastern European market. A TV ad run in Russia caught the attention of Ukrainians - many of whom watch Russian television.

Ukraine flag

4.) Missing Word Question

Stowaway * spread around the world

  1. ants
  2. tarantulas
  3. bats

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called on the police to act against gangs that are stealing what?

  1. Monkeys
  2. Toilet paper
    Toilet paper
  3. Hair

6.) Multiple Choice Question

What did a 911 operator lend a tearful woman after she phoned to report a theft?

Phone 911
  1. Car
  2. Baby buggy
  3. Wedding dress

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Notoriously reclusive pop star Prince has surprised fans by joining Twitter. His first message: "Prince's 1st tweet... Testing 1, 2", was followed by a photo of what?

  1. A salad
  2. A selfie
  3. Platform shoes


  1. It was 1769. "He is a fortunate man to be introduced to such a party of fine women at his arrival; it is literally to feed among the lilies," wrote author F Brooke. The OED changed its approach in 2011 but it was noticed only this week.
  2. It was George W Bush. His father George HW Bush is left-handed, as was Gerald Ford. Barack Obama is also left-handed.
  3. It's Ukraine - see next page.
  4. It's ants. Larger-than-expected numbers of invasive ants are being unwittingly transported around the world, scientists report.
  5. It's women's hair. The thieves sell the hair - sometimes stolen at gunpoint - to salons where it is used for extensions and wigs. Attacks appear to be on the rise.
  6. It was a wedding dress. A 911 operator from Washington state said that she received a call from a woman whose dress was stolen from her car. "I finally figured out what was going on, and asked when the ceremony was scheduled," Candice, who only wanted to give her first name, told The News Tribune. "When she said 'today,' my heart broke in two for her."
  7. It was a salad - with the caption DID EYE ADD 2 MUCH PEPPER?

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