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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Mick Jagger has hinted the Rolling Stones might play the same set list at Saturday's Hyde Park gig that they played in 1969. But what stunt won't be repeated because he says it hadn't gone down well?

Rolling Stones
  1. Jagger in a dress
  2. Giant inflatable phallus
  3. The release of hundreds of butterflies

2.) Multiple Choice Question

The US Zip Code turned 50 this week. Where is the famous code 10036?

US postal worker
  1. The White House
  2. Times Square
  3. Mount Rushmore
  4. The Hollywood sign

3.) Multiple Choice Question

The English profanity "shitstorm" is so widely used by the nationals of one country, that its most prestigious dictionary has included it in its latest edition. Which?

  1. Iceland
  2. Italy
  3. Germany

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What did a judge in California decree was a "distinctly American cultural phenomenon"?

  1. Yoga
  2. Speed-eating contests
    Hot dogs
  3. Cheerleading

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Pluto's fourth and fifth moons, discovered in 2011 and 2012, have finally been named. Styx is one of them, what's the other?

  1. Laelaps
  2. Kerberos
  3. Scylla

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Why did a Texas gym teacher, who was retiring after 40 years, become an internet sensation?

  1. Demonstrating a mind-boggling gymnastics routine
  2. Wearing the same outfit for his school yearbook year after year
  3. Creating a slam-dunk meme


Dale Irby told the Dallas Morning News that when he received his photo in his second year he was embarrassed to discover he had worn the same outfit as the first year. His wife dared him to wear it again. "After five pictures it was like, 'Why stop?'" he said.

Teacher's yearbook photos

7.) Missing Word Question

Cockatoos crack * puzzle

  1. logic
  2. lock-picking
  3. logarithm


  1. It's the butterflies. "I think we got a lot of complaints from the park because they didn't know we were going to do it," Jagger said in a radio interview.
  2. It's Times Square. The Zip in question stands for Zoning Improvement Plan. In 1963 Americans were told that by adding a five digit number to addresses, their mail delivery would be faster and more efficient.
  3. It's Germany. "Over the last few years, 'shitstorm' has entered everyday usage so that's why it now appears in the new printed edition of the dictionary," said a spokesman for Duden, which publishes Germany's standard dictionary.
  4. It's yoga. A California judge refused to block the teaching of yoga as part of a public school's physical fitness programme, rejecting parents' claims that the classes were an unconstitutional promotion of Eastern religions.
  5. It's Kerberos, or Cerberus, the three-headed giant hound that guarded the gates of Hades. The moons have a Classical underworld theme.
  6. It's wearing the same outfit... a polyester shirt and brown tank top. See next frame.
  7. It's lock-picking. Scientists found they were able to pick their way through a series of locks to reach a reward.

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