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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

Number 7

1.) Multiple Choice Question

A farmer in China has been detained for fabricating a story on the internet and including a fake alien photo. What did he claim?

Alien poster
  1. He was helping establish an alien community
  2. China's leaders had been replaced by aliens
  3. He had a dead alien in his freezer

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Australian endurance athlete Chloe McCardel lasted 11 hours in the Cuba to Florida swim before quitting because of what?

  1. Her electromagnetic anti-shark field failing
  2. Jellyfish stings
  3. Dehydration
  4. Cramp

3.) Multiple Choice Question

A beach town in New Jersey is passing a ban on the wearing of low-slung trousers on its boardwalk. The dress code will prohibit those hanging how far below the hips?

Boy with low-slung trousers
  1. Three inches (7.6cm)
  2. Six inches (15.2cm)
  3. Nine inches (22.9cm)

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Karl Lagerfeld, no stranger to controversy, said that his new sunglasses would help do what for the wearer?

Karl Lagerfeld
  1. "Balance out ugly faces"
  2. "Hide piggy eyes"
  3. "Keep wrinkles from view"
  4. All of the above

5.) Missing Word Question

* for Sweden train drivers

  1. Fake tan
  2. Leg wax
  3. Skirts

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Trees in parts of the UK have taken on a dramatic white hue. Why?

  1. Moths
  2. Fungus
  3. Spiders

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Who branded themselves a "hair icon" when they launched their Twitter account this week?

  1. Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis
  2. Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Anniston
  3. Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton


  1. It's the alien in the freezer fib. Mr Li, from Shandong province, posted pictures of the body of an alien, which he said he had stumbled across. Police said he had "destroyed normal social order".
  2. It's jellyfish problems. McCardel abandoned her quest to become the first person to make the 166km (103-mile) swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage after she was severely stung by a jellyfish.
  3. It's three inches (7.6cm). The sight of exposed skin or underwear has attracted complaints from tourists, according to Wildwood Mayor Ernest Troiano.
  4. It was balance out ugly faces. Lagerfeld, who launched a new range of sunglasses this week, said designing them was like selling his soul.
  5. It's skirts. A group of drivers began wearing skirts to work as a protest against their employer's ban on shorts, it was reported this week. The policy was later dropped.
  6. It's moths. Millions of ermine moths have been blamed for draping trees wtih the spectacular cobweb-like clusters.
  7. It's Hillary Clinton. On Twitter, the former US secretary of state jokingly styles herself as a "pantsuit aficionado", "hair icon" and "glass ceiling cracker".

Your Score

0 - 3 : Gone tomorrow

4 - 6 : Hair today

7 - 7 : Because you're worth it

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