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Are you a news oracle? Here's an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

7 Days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

What did members of New Zealand's parliament do after voting for same-sex marriage?

New Zealand's parliament building
  1. Sang a Maori love song
  2. Waved red and pink flags
  3. Had a fist fight

2.) Multiple Choice Question

An airport worker quit his job in an unusual fashion this week. What was the form of his resignation letter?

Resignation note
  1. Suitcase
  2. Cake
  3. Banner in the sky

3.) Multiple Choice Question

A study has found that David Beckham is "getting posher". How?

David Beckham
  1. Says 'yah' instead of 'yeah'
  2. Swears less frequently
  3. Drops fewer 'h' sounds

4.) Multiple Choice Question

A Nepali television presenter has set a new world record by hosting the longest ever talk show. How long was it?

Rabi Lamichhane
  1. 62 hours
  2. 41 hours
  3. 27 hours

5.) Multiple Choice Question

A US judge has held himself in contempt of court and fined himself $25. What had he done?

Judge Raymond Voet
  1. Fallen asleep
  2. Sworn
  3. His mobile phone rang

6.) Missing Word Question

Giant * on advance in Florida

  1. snails
  2. crocodiles
  3. ants

7.) Multiple Choice Question

The second most expensive diamond was sold for nearly $40m this week. It was pink. But what colour was the MOST expensive diamond ever sold?

Pink diamond
  1. Pink
  2. Yellow
  3. Black
  4. White


  1. MPs sang a Maori love song called Pokarekare Ana. A red square with a pink equals sign recently became the de facto logo of supporters of gay marriage on social media after a campaign.
  2. It's cake. Border Force worker Chris Holmes quit his job at Stansted Airport by baking a resignation "letter". His iced resignation went viral on Twitter.
  3. He drops fewer h-sounds. University of Manchester academics studied the way the Beckhams spoke before and after their move to the US in 2007 and found Beckham dropped the "h" in words such as "him" and "has" 80% of the time before the move, but only 20% of the time afterwards.
  4. It's 62 hours. Rabi Lamichhane, a Nepali who normally lives in the US, interviewed politicians, journalists and celebrities on the theme "Buddha was born in Nepal" for his show. He said he arranged the record attempt to help promote Nepal globally.
  5. His mobile phone rang. Judge Raymond Voet had posted a policy stating electronic devices causing a disturbance during court sessions would result in the owner being cited with contempt. On Friday, his smartphone began emitting sounds during a prosecutor's closing argument.
  6. It was snails. The giant African land snail, with its appetite for stucco, is plaguing Florida.
  7. It was also pink. The Graff Pink, a rare 24.78 carat pink diamond, was sold for $46m in 2010, making it the most expensive single jewel ever sold at auction.

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0 - 3 : Christmas cracker ring

4 - 6 : Sterling silver

7 - 7 : The crown jewels

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